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English Medium Education Courses

English Medium Training Courses

We offer a range of options for colleagues working in Higher Education who need to use English as a medium of communication for teaching, research or administrative purposes. As our courses are bespoke in nature it is possible to combine elements of some or all of the topics listed below.  Courses can range from one week to three months in duration. Details of the individual elements are given below. 

English as a Medium of Education (EME)

Our EME courses are intended for academic colleagues who use English for teaching or delivering courses through the medium of English. They provide a unique opportunity to experience first-hand an English medium university by engaging with academic life through taught sessions, individual meetings with academics and attendance of live teaching sessions. The taught element of the courses normally consists of a dynamic mix of presentations, discussion, group work and individual support. We normally offer an initial analysis of participants' needs so that course activities can be tailored, as far as possible, to individual requirements. Our FutureLearn MOOC, English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics has been running regularly since 2017 and offers an insight into our approach to EME teaching. It can also be used in blended mode alongside an in-person course. 

English as a Medium for Administration (EMA)

These courses are suitable for university administrators who need to use English for a range of administrative functions such as interacting with students in face-to-face situations, communicating with students or colleagues in writing or over the telephone. They provide both a taught course and the opportunity to meet university administrators and gain familiarity with administrative functions and practices at the university. The taught element of the course consists of formal presentations and workshops on topics such as pronunciation, writing skills, the international student experience, together with discussion and group work sessions and individual support. They also include practical sessions at which participants can practice the skills developed during the course. 

English as a Medium for Research (EMR)

These courses are intended for colleagues who need to use English to develop and present their research. They focus on giving academic presentations and writing skills for publication of research. They consist of interactive sessions in which participants will develop their presentation skills and also practical sessions involving the analysis and production of written academic texts.

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