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The University of Southampton
ADEPT – Advanced Devices by ElectroPlaTing

Substrates and precursors

Our expertise in synthetic chemistry will be used to develop custom precursors for electrodeposition of a range of p-block elements and alloys. Synthesis and characterisation is carried out in-house at the Universities of Southampton and Nottingham

Synthesis of starting materials

Starting materials for the target materials for electrodeposition in the ADEPT programme are rarely commercially available. Our synthetic chemistry team (led by Professor Gill Reid) has the experience and expertise in-house to produce precursor molecules that:

Mesoporous silica templates

The templates team, led by Professor Andrew Hector, focuses on the development of self-assembled mesoporous films for use as growth templates, and surface treatments to both self-assembled and lithographic templates to modify the properties of materials electrodeposited into them.

Mesoporous silica templates
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