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ADEPT – Advanced Devices by ElectroPlaTing

New paper on electrodeposited GST

Published: 20 August 2018
GST electrodeposition

ADEPT researchers are celebrating publication of a paper on electrodeposited GST which is the culmination of several years' work.

The new paper, entitled Electrodeposition of a Functional Solid State Memory Material: Germanium Antimony Telluride from a Non-Aqueous Plating Bath, details work done by ADEPT team members and colleagues that predates our current programme grant. The manuscript details a systematic approach to electrodepositing GST from a non-aqueous plating bath, and showcases our ability to produce GST deposits with a wide range of different individual compositions by varying deposition parameters. Well done to Gabriela and the team for the hard work involved in analysing and interpreting this vast dataset!

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