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Transistors display at Winchester Science Centre now open to the public

Published: 28 January 2019
The Transistors Display
Transistors Display at Winchester Science Centre - image copyright Harvey Mills

Our long-awaited new exhibit was delivered to Winchester Science Centre this week, after many months of design and build time.

Have you ever wondered how computers work? A new exhibit at Winchester Science Centre sets out to explain how the switches inside computers work. These switches are called transistors and are very fast, allowing computers to do all sorts of different things.

Visitors to the new exhibit can get their hands on a water model of a transistor, to understand how they work, and can race transistors used in every day electronics (such as your phone), to see how fast they are. You can also learn how people working in Southampton are developing new, smaller, transistors for even faster electronic devices.

This new display is part of a refurbishment at Winchester Science Centre, so if you haven’t visited recently, it is worth going again to see new equipment alongside old favourites. Both Winchester Science Centre and the University of Southampton run extensive programmes of school visits. 

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