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The University of Southampton
ADEPT – Advanced Devices by ElectroPlaTing

IR detection

Materials such as InGaSb and HgCdTe are commonly used in the production of IR detectors and emitters, and are closely related to the materials required for phase change memory and thermoelectric applications. In addition, there has been significant academic interest in using nanostructured forms of these materials for IR applications; advantages of nanowire arrays include a reduction in grain boundaries, charge extraction via a single crystalline domain, and the possibility of producing longitudinally heterostructured devices.

In this project we propose to use the ADEPT approach to develop methods for depositing HgCdTe nanowire structures for IR detector applications using the following stages;

  1. Develop compatible reagents for HgTe and CdTe deposition and demonstrate the deposition of crystalline material
  2. Deposit alloyed nanowires and develop methods to control the bandgap of the deposited material to better than 5% of design
  3. Study the effect of growth conditions on native defects and free carrier density within the deposit
  4. Develop methods for depositing both n- and p-type HgCdTe
  5. Produce pn diodes and measure their detector performance
  6. Study the effect of surface passivation on device performance

ADEPT goal: an IR detector formed of 12 pixels at 50 µm2

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