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The University of Southampton
ADEPT – Advanced Devices by ElectroPlaTing

Phase change memory

Phase change memory: PCM is a non-volatile memory type in which data is stored when the structure of the PCM material is modified between amorphous and crystalline states, resulting in a change in the resistivity of the material. Some of the biggest challenges in working with these materials include the requirement for ternary alloys of semiconducting metal chalcogenides, such as Ge2Sb2Te3 (GST). During the ADEPT programme, we will be building on our previous demonstration of depositing device-quality GST, in addition to using the expertise held within the research team, and the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre to drive forward the development of novel phase change memory devices at the nanoscale.


ADEPT goal: a switchable array based upon sum 10 nm GST cells with competitive switching energy and cyclability

PCM infographic
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