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The University of Southampton
Advanced Composite Materials Facility

Dr Jin Yao MSc PhD

Research Fellow

Dr Jin Yao's photo

Dr Jin Yao is a Research Fellow in the Advanced Composite Materials Facility in Chemistry, University of Southampton

Dr Jin Yao received his MSc and PhD degrees in Physics at Advanced Material Group, University of Dundee. His professional career started in amorphous silicon based field emission display technology in Dundee and second generation thin film solar cells in Nottingham. He joined the ORC, Southampton in 2013 and working on amorphous Chalcogenide based optoelectronic phase change materials developed by sputtering and ion implantation techniques as well as on renewable applications based on Chalcogenide materials, such as thin film photovoltaic cells and thermoelectric generator. He also contributes to projects coordinated with the Nanophotonics Group and Samsung. In 2014, Dr Yao joined Prof Hayden’s group as a research fellow to work on High-Throughput PVD systems on synthesis of Chalcogenide films for various applications.

Research interests


- Thin film materials developed by UHV-PVD techniques

- Photovoltaic and thermoelectric based chalcogenides

- Chalcogenide phase change memory



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M.A. Hughes, Y. Fedorenko, B. Gholipour, J. Yao, T.-H. Lee, R.M. Gwilliam, K.P. Homewood, S. Hinder, D.W. Hewak, S.R. Elliott, R.J. Curry, Nature Communications 5, 5346 (2014)



Dr Jin Yao
Department of Chemistry
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
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