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We are at the leading edge of new ideas and forward-thinking research.

By sharing the latest knowledge, ideas and techniques, we can help you develop your skills, strengths and thinking and enable you to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field.


Advanced Course in Aeroacoustics  

An introduction to aeroacoustics, with an emphasis on the physics and modelling that underpin predictive acoustic analysis. The material presented forms a sound, practical basis for acousticians and engineers working at an advanced level. More information can be found in the downloads.

Advanced Course in Noise Control

This advanced course outlines the underlying principles of noise control, examines the character of noise in some key applications, and discusses how noise may be reduced by design or through palliative treatment. More information can be found in the downloads.

Human Responses to Vibration

Three courses are offered in this area. They provide insight into human responses to vibration in specified areas and explore the applications of research:

More information can be found in the downloads.

Nuclear Energy Technology

This two-week intensive course provides an introduction to nuclear reactor technology, with a particular emphasis on power generation, hydrogen production, desalination and waste transmutation.

Sound Power Measurement: Problems and Practice

A practical workshop considering the techniques for measuring the sound power of industrial sources. You will explore the practical issues involved in the measurement of sound power radiated by industrial noise sources.

Space Systems Engineering

A one-week course in space systems engineering. We have provided training for professional engineers in the spacecraft manufacturing and associated industries since 1974.

Access to facilities and expertise
Access to facilities and expertise

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