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The University of Southampton

Opportunities in space engineering

Published: 4 May 2011Origin: Engineering

It all began 50 years ago when Yuri Gagarin hit the headlines worldwide with his pioneering space flight. A few years later, the first satellites revolutionised global communications. Opportunities now abound for skilled people in the industry as space engineering grows in importance.

"This is a very exciting area of science and engineering," says admissions tutor Dr Adrian Tatnall. "We have experience across the board of teaching undergraduates and postgraduate students and providing continuous professional development courses for staff at the European Space Agency, mainly at its Space Research and Technology Centre at Noordwijk in the Netherlands."

Career prospects for space systems engineers look even better in future years as the industry matures.David Willetts, Government Minister for Universities and Science, has already observed that the UK's space sector is a key driver of economic growth and is increasing rapidly each year.

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