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The University of Southampton

Southampton students are aiming at the moon

Published: 4 May 2011Origin: Engineering

Space systems students at the University of Southampton are taking part in an ambitious European mission to design, build and launch a spacecraft to orbit the moon.

The European Student Moon Orbiter (ESMO) is on schedule for launch in 2014. Twenty three teams from 19 universities across Europe are involved; Southampton's contribution is in the area of systems engineering, making sure the various elements of the spacecraft will work together during its mission.

PhD student Adam White is among the students working on the European Space Agency project: "It's great to take part in a real life mission working on a spacecraft that will actually be launched and will carry out scientific experiments. This experience will certainly help me in securing a good job after my doctorate," he says.

Adam is combining his PhD studies into the safe removal of space debris, with work as a research assistant and has attended the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination meeting in Berlin.

Leading UK space company Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) is managing the ESMO mission. Kevin Hall from SSTL says: "We were delighted to get involved with this exciting and challenging project. This is our opportunity to work with talented students on cutting edge technologies. Across the UK and Europe, many companies and organisations are looking to recruit people experienced in this area."

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