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The University of Southampton

Clean sky initiative

Published: 21 January 2013Origin: Mathematical Sciences

Together with colleagues from the University of Bremen and the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Professor Joerg Fliege has won a major grant in the EU Clean Sky initiative.

Clean Sky, a Public Private Partnership between the European Commission and the Aeronautical Industry, was set up to bring significant step changes regarding the environmental impact of aviation. Within the project , certain optimisation algorithms will be adapted to avionics constraints, so that aircrafts can further minimise their emissions (Nox, CO, noise, etc). The grant volume is over £400,000.

Professor Fliege's research specialises in optimisation and the corresponding applications in engineering, particularly space and telecommunications.

Joerg states, "Southampton is a leading centre for research and teaching in the areas of trajectory optimisation and mathematical optimisation methods for space and aerospace engineering. This new research will benefit modules taught in nonlinear optimisation as well as MSc projects running in conjunction with the project."

For further information on the initiative visit the Clean Sky website here

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