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The University of Southampton

Global Challenges; Multidisciplinary Solutions Event

09:00 - 10:00
22 July 2012
Winchester Discovery Centre

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr James Dyke at .

Event details

The Earth’s population has reached 7 billion. By the middle of this century it will hit 8 billion. This will drive a perfect storm of rising food and energy costs, biodiversity loss, increased migration and conflict. All under the influence of global climate change. How will you and rest of humanity not only survive but prosper?

Today's undergraduates did not cause these problems. It was previous generations who over-consumed and over-polluted. But it is current and future generations that will have to fix these problems. In that respect our University has something of a moral responsibility to give students the skills and knowledge that will put them in a better situation to respond to these challenges, and who knows, maybe even solve them. A truly inspiring talk about a new initiative by the University of Southampton.

Dr Dyke is currently developing a new multidisciplinary undergraduate module at the University of Southampton that will examine a number of major issues in the Earth system. To find out more visit:



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Speaker information

James Dyke,University of Southampton

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