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The University of Southampton

Progress in Uncertainty Quantification in Aeroelastic Systems Seminar

5 November 2013
Building 13 room 3017

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Event details

This presentation will describe progress made in propagating uncertainty in complex aeroelastic systems.

Different aeroelastic problems require different levels of fidelity, for transonic aeroelasticity calculations we apply eigenvalue stability analysis to large dimension aeroelastic models, that arise from the exploiting CFD. The efficiency of this method allows for several non-deterministic analysis to be carried out through the use of an approximate Newton solver, including flutter uncertainty quantification due to structural variability and data assimilation.
To predict the aeroelastic effects in nonlinear structures, an Harmonic Balance method was developed to compute Limit Cycle Oscillations. As with the eigenvalue formulation, the efficiency of the HB method permits the practical use of non-deterministic techniques, which are exploited to assess the impact of uncertainty in the development of LCO on aircraft structures.

Speaker information

Simao Marques, Queens University Belfast. Dr Marques is currently based at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, at Queen’s University, Belfast. His research focuses primarily on developing and advancing high-fidelity methods for the analysis and design of aerospace vehicles, for which he is currently developing algorithms and numerical methods in aeroelasticity, CFD, uncertainty quantification and optimization.

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