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The University of Southampton

Can you talk security?

A competition launched by the Cyber Security Challenge UK, BT and Get Safe Online aims to tackle a critical and costly unawareness amongst UK small business owners and office workers about their vulnerability to cybercrime. Can you talk security? asks the public to come up with ways to communicate technical security issues in a simple and non-technical way - so that everyone can understand them and take the necessary precautions to secure themselves online. The competition also hopes to identify a new generation of creative communicators who can move into cyber security where their skills are in high demand.

Cybercrime costs UK businesses billions of pounds a year, with a recent Cabinet Office survey estimating the annual cost at around £27 billion. Globally this estimated annual figure rises to $338 billion with 19 people across the world becoming a victim of online crime each second. Whilst this represents a significant technical challenge for the UK's cyber security professionals to overcome, industry experts believe huge savings could be made across all sectors of UK PLC by improving awareness of basic good security practise.



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