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The University of Southampton

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling


The University of Southampton hosts the EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling (NGCM), which has dedicated space on our new £116m Boldrewood Campus and builds on our strong history in computer science and computational science and engineering. The £10m Centre will produce the next generation of computational modellers, empowered with the latest techniques and software to exploit hardware advances. Eight partial studentships are available (see Collaboration opportunity).

First-year training (30 to 50 per cent research)

Specialised masters-level training in simulation methods, serial (Python) programming, C programming, parallel programming using MPI, OpenMP using hardware accelerators (GPU, Xeon Phi), numerical methods, statistics, software engineering, and professional skills.

Years two to four (mostly research)

Conduct PhD-style research in collaboration with an industry sponsor. Student can be placed at sponsor site if desired.

Example project

Challenging topological prejudice: automated airframe layout design There is little evidence that the commonly used, risk-preventative 'tube plus wing and cruciform tail' -type airframe layout is optimal. This project aims to answer an important question: ‘Given a topologically flexible geometry description, would a sophisticated multidisciplinary analysis-driven optimisation process yield a conventional airframe layout or would it yield unexpected results?’

Collaboration Opportunity

We are inviting industry projects for PhD research in this programme. There are eight partial studentships available per year from the Centre, to be matched by industry partners with at least £12,875 per year over four years. Industry partners are welcome to invest more than £12,875 pa to either boost the student stipend or fully fund studentships to attract students outside the eight competitive studentships.

If you would like to know more, please email or visit

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