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Integrated optical fibre sensors

Pressure, Temperature and Chemical Sensing

Integrated Optical Networked Sensor

Optical sensors offer lightweight, highly sensitive solutions to a wide range of applications. Unlike electronic alternatives, they do not present a risk in flammable environments and are resilient to EM interference.

Integrated optical fibre (IOF) is an inventive optical technology, pioneered at the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre. It enables the seamless integration of optical fibre onto a planar optical chip.

Using the technology multi-parameter sensor components can be ruggedized for use in harsh environmental monitoring. The technology is compatible with standard silica optical fibre interconnects and the chips can be concatenated and multiplexed. Through optimised chip design a vast range of chemical and physical changes can be monitored.

Technological advantages

Technology roadmap

The University of Southampton has ring-fenced IP surrounding this technology and is looking for commercial opportunities. Specific sensor requirements can be tailored using Southampton’s world-leading expertise in photonics and £120m cleanroom complex.

Collaboration opportunity

Joint leveraged funding available from Innovate UK and EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Research Council).

If you would like to know more, please contact Dr Christopher Holmes

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