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Research project: Data retention and access

Currently Active: 

The RASSC project aims to transform current approaches to data retention and access in data intensive supply chains. Our targets are aerospace design and surveying in the oil and gas industry. The objective is to provide third-parties and major supply chain partners with a blueprint for delivering new data retention and access services to the whole community. As an example, the Eurofighter typhoon has over 250,000 parts in a complex configuration, with no two aircraft being identical, and all generating a vast amount of integrated in-vehicle health monitoring data. Retaining and getting maximum value out of this data over a 50 year lifetime is a major technical, economic and business challenge. If achieved however, the benefits are operational cost savings, improved data sharing and efficiency in supply design and manufacturing chains, and long-term mitigation of the 'cost of data loss' (e.g. not meeting regulatory compliance or having to ground aircraft during investigations).

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