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Research project: Thermal degradation of foam cored sandwich structures

Currently Active: 

Foam cored sandwich structures are often exposed to aggressive service conditions including elevated temperatures together with mechanical loading Polymer foam core materials display significant changes of the properties may occur in the operating range of temperatures  


  • Development of physically based High-Order Sandwich Theory (HOST) models to predict the non-linear thermomechanical response of foam cored sandwich structures
  • Development of procedures to conduct accurate and reliable Finite element Analyses (FEA) of the thermo-mechanical response of foam cored sandwich structures
  • Accurate measurement of polymer foam core properties as function of temperature. This is conducted in-situ in environmental test chamber using advanced non-contact full field methods, incl. Digital Image Correllation (DIC) and Infrared Thermography
  • Full-scale experimental characterization of non-linear thermo-mechanical including loss of stability
  • Approximate closed-form solution for wrinkling of sandwich panels subjected to thermomechanical loading 

Significance of work & Navy relevance

  • The combined experimental investigations and numerical simulations conducted in this research program aims to develop a quantitative understanding of the complex phenomena involved
  • The research has resulted will develop validated predictive tools to be used for design and optimization of advanced composite sandwich structures for naval applications

A poster with more details about the project is available in pdf format under Useful Downloads.

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