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Research project: ReVuS - Reducing the Vulnerability of Space Systems

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Today's satellites are robust enough to resist impact from debris smaller than 0.1 cm, and can maneuver to avoid space waste larger than 10 cm. Yet for space junk sized between 0.1 cm and 10 cm, there is currently not a system in place to mitigate the risk of impact, although space debris in this size-range can cause significant damage. With the population of space debris foreseen to increase in the years to come, the probability of damage caused by such debris could reach an unacceptable level, which would force manufacturers of satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to introduce new and more robust designs. The ReVuS project therefore aims to assess and provide solutions at system level and at architecture level (routing/segregation design rules) and in particular to provide better shielding for LEO satellites.

The University of Southampton's contribution to ReVuS arises from our ability to project the near-Earth debris population into the future, using the DAMAGE evolutionary model. This capability provides ReVuS with the opportunity to understand and assess methods that aim to reduce the vulnerability of space assets, in the context of the future debris environment.


CORDIS Project reference: 262156

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