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What our students think

Photo of Sebastian Chikuta

I think generally this course is very wonderful. One thing I loved so much was the content of the materials and you take on a number of subjects that really look at all of the aspects of ageing.

Sebastian Chikuta - MSc Gerontology (Distance Learning)
Photo of Esther Clift

The MSc Gerontology part-time taught course offered that flexibility, and a breadth of study, to stimulate and challenge my 'medical model' background.

Esther Clift - MSc Gerontology (Taught)
Photo of Pauline Dorn

I’m a nurse by background and was looking for a Masters that would be really applicable to practice. I won the Hazel Muras-Osborn Award for my dissertation because of its impact into practice.

Pauline Dorn - MSc Gerontology
Photo of Paul Lewzey

The content of the modules has been a delight. They have included some areas, such as Demography, that I knew very little about before the course. Learning in completely new areas has been a real pleasure.

Paul Lewzey - MSc Gerontology
Photo of Diana Nabbumba

I find studying long distance really exciting, I can stay home, I can be in my bedroom or I can be at the beach when I do my reading. I can look up in the middle of the night and study then, it is up to me.

Diana Nabbumba - MSc Gerontology (Distance Learning)
Photo of Luis Perpetuo

The course supports you in critically engaging with headlines e.g. “older people have tremendous health problems and do not contribute a lot to society”. You are able to find your arguments to change the way older people are perceived and to argue for policy change.

Luis Perpetuo - MSc Gerontology (Distance Learning)
Photo of Mark Radford

When I first visited the Centre for Research on Ageing, I was impressed by the scope of the academic work being undertaken and by the friendly yet professional attitude of the staff.

Mark Radford - MSc Gerontology
Photo of Rachel Reuben

The course has helped understand the way older adults age [in Trinidad and Tobago] and it has encouraged me to set up places that will assist older adults especially those suffering from depression.

Rachel Reuben - MSc Gerontology (distance learning)
Photo of Faizal Ariff  Samul Hamid

Initially I was highly deficient and rather sceptical about writing but one of the main reasons I wanted to study gerontology was that I thought this programme would expose me and make me do a lot of writing. I am very happy with what I have achieved.

Faizal Ariff Samul Hamid - MSc Gerontology (Distance Learning)
Photo of Najma  Zahid Haq

Even as distance learning you don’t feel like you are at distance.

Najma Zahid Haq - MSc Gerontology (Distance Learning)

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