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Ageing and Lifelong Health


Adapting to the ageing of the global population is one of the key research challenges of the 21st century. The experience and meaning of old age is being transformed. Increasing numbers of older people will create pressures on traditional systems of support from families and public services, financial demands on public funds for pensions, and new requirements for healthcare and medical support.

As more people live longer interdisciplinary research is essential to advance our understanding of the dynamic interplay between the ageing of individuals and their changing societies.

The aim of the Ageing and Lifelong Health USRG is to advance the understanding of to the needs, challenges and opportunities of an ageing global population and the implications to society. We promote world-class interdisciplinary research, drawn from a diverse range of expertise from across the university's faculties. Our objectives are to strengthen the existing research base in the university, to facilitate the networking of research into ageing across the University, foster new collaborations and develop new skills for tomorrow's researchers through educational programmes. We are committed to advancing the understanding of this demographic changes and the

We are at the forefront of advancing the understanding of this demographic change and the major challenges it will present for the 21st century. Please see our Research Project for further details.

The group is part of the University's Interdisciplinary Strategic Research Groups (USRGs) aimed at creating synergies between disciplines towards understanding and alleviating some of society's global challenges.  

Ageing Research 2013 Brochure
Ageing Research 2013 Brochure

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Population ageing is a powerful and transforming demographic force. As we seek ways to cope with these unprecedented trends, these unprecedented demands and needs, we need to look to innovation for some answers.

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