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The University of Southampton
Ageing and Lifelong Health

Ageing and Lifelong Health Research Projects

Our acclaimed researchers are working with the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and other international government and non-government organisations to reduce the burden of non-communicable disease in both developed and developing countries and to explore inequalities in later life; informal carers and employment; and the retirement prospects of future generations of elders.  We have extensive links with industry and the private sector in joint initiatives to promote a healthy start to life globally.

See the Ageing Research at the University of Southampton 2013 Brochure here.

Current research projects are centred on the following programmes:

Research projects include:

Ageing Research 2013 Brochure
Ageing Research 2013 Brochure
Ageing and Lifelong Health
Ageing and Lifelong Health

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Living longer and healthier lives brings tremendous potential for economic and social development and for personal fulfilment. But to realize that potential, societies everywhere must ensure that people of all ages have the means and support needed for a decent level of living.

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