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The University of Southampton
600th Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt Conference 2015

Conference Recordings

Please find below links to the recorded sessions from the Agincourt Conference 2015.

Saturday 1 August

Session 4a - Maritime Aspects

Chris Ford – The Politics of ‘Piracy’, 1399-1422: A database approach
Susan Rose – What in mynde he mente? (Libelle of Englyshe Polycye) A re-examination of the naval policy of Henry V
Dr Craig Lambert – D Day 1415: Maritime Logistics and Naval Operations

Session 4b - Gascony

Dr Philip Morgan – Going to war’. Letter of attorney
Dr Guilhem Pepin - The forms of war in Aquitaine-Gascony between 1400 and 1442

Session 5a - War in 1415

Dr Jan Willem Honig – Reappraising Late Medieval Strategy: The Example of the Agincourt Campaign
Dr Matthew Bennett – Battle of Agincourt
João Gouveia Monteiro – Another 1415: Portugal’s Military Landscape

Session 5b – The cost and impact of war

Dr Iain MacInnes – The Return of the Scots: The impact of Scottish raiding of North England in the 1330s and 1340s
Trevor Russell Smith – Devastation, Chivalric Rhetoric, and Ethics of War in the Lancercost Chronicle, 1327-46
Anne Curry – The Gascon Rolls Project and the End of English Gascony

Public Conference Session - Part 1

Peter Hoskins – Road to Agincourt

Public Conference Session - Part 2

Sean McGlynn - Kings, Chivalry and Slaughter: Henry V and the Agincourt Massacre in its Medieval Context

Dr Mike Jones – The battle of Verneuil (17 August 1424) – a second Agincourt?

Public Session - Afternoon Plenary

Dr Ian Mortimer – The Meaning of War


Please note, due to copyright restrictions we are not able to make every recording from the conference available.


Other recordings you may find interesting which were from Friday, Sunday and Monday.

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