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The University of Southampton
600th Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt Conference 2015

Conference Session Recordings

Please find at the bottom of this page links to the recorded sessions from the Agincourt Conference 2015.

Friday 31 July

Session 1a - Preparing for War

Dr Ilana Krug - The Costs of Feeding Mars: Edward I and Purveyance

Malcolm Mercer - Henry V and the Tower of London

Session 1b - Soldiers

David Cleverly – A Comparison of the 1415 and 1417 Expeditionary Forces
Quentin Verreycken – The Shaping of a Military Identity in the Fifteenth-Century Burgundian State: Pardons Granted to Soldiers by the Dukes of Burgundy (1386-1477)
Sam Gibbs – Who Were They?  English Archers: A regional comparison of socio-economic status and service obligations of English archers 1350-1417

Session 2a - Weapons

Dr Thom Richardson – Weapons in the age of Agincourt
Kay Douglas Smith – Technological innovation and the development of artillery in the late 15th century
Dan Spencer – Henry V and English artillery: a gunpower revolution?

Session 2b - Organisation and Execution

Dr Sean Cunningham – Institutional memory and the planning of war: the crown’s archive as a resource for military strategy in the Yorkist and early Tudor periods
Ekaitz Etxeberria Gallastegi – The Smail-Gillingham paradigm revisited in a civil war context: the battle of Toro (1476)

Session 3a

Martin Knight – A presentation of some of the European Arms, focussing on swords, in use during the period of the Hundred Years War.

Session 3b

Julian Humphreys – A presentation on the Battlefield Trust


Please note, due to copyright restrictions we are not able to make every recording from the conference available.


Other recordings you may find interesting which were from Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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