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The University of Southampton
600th Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt Conference 2015


Conference Programme

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Friday 31 July 2015

12:00-13:30 Registration

Session 1a – Preparing for War
Dr Ilana Krug – the Costs of Feeding Mars: Edward I and Purveyance
Dr Malcolm Mercer – Henry V and the Tower of London
Keith Dowen – Armour in the age of Agincourt c.1390-1430

Session 1b - Soldiers
Sam Gibbs – Who Were They?  English Archers: A regional comparison of socio-economic status and service obligations of English archers 1350-1417
David Cleverly – A Comparison of the 1415 and 1417 Expeditionary Forces
Quentin Verreycken – The Shaping of a Military Identity in the Fifteenth-Century Burgundian State: Pardons Granted to Soldiers by the Dukes of Burgundy (1386-1477)

15:20-15:50 Refreshments

Session 2a - Weapons
Dr Thom Richardson – Weapons in the age of Agincourt
Kay Douglas Smith – Technological innovation and the development of artillery in the late 15th century
Dan Spencer – Henry V and English artillery: a gunpower revolution?

Session 2b – Organisation and Execution
Dr Jenny Stratford – Financing the war. Jewels and plate pledged for the Agincourt expedition
Dr Sean Cunningham – Institutional memory and the planning of war: the crown’s archive as a resource for military strategy in the Yorkist and early Tudor periods
Ekaitz Etxeberria Gallastegi – The Smail-Gillingham paradigm revisited in a civil war context: the battle of Toro (1476)


Session 3a
Martin Knight – A presentation of some of the European Arms, focussing on swords, in use during the period of the Hundred Years War

Session 3b
Julian Humphreys – A presentation on the Battlefield Trust

18:30-19:45 Dinner
20:00-21:00 Evening Plenary
Dr Andrew Ayton – The Military Careerist in Fourteenth-Century England                  

Saturday 1 August 2015

08:00-08:30 Breakfast for residents

Session 4a – Maritime Aspects
Chris Ford – The Politics of ‘Piracy’, 1399-1422: A database approach
Susan Rose – What in mynde he mente? (Libelle of Englyshe Polycye) A re-examination of the naval policy of Henry V
Dr Craig Lambert – D Day 1415: Maritime Logistics and Naval Operations

Session 4b – Gascony
Dr Simon Harris – Retinue Fragmentation within the English Army during the War of Saint-Sardos, 1324-6
Dr Philip Morgan – Going to war’. Letter of attorney
Dr Guilhem Pépin – The forms of war in Aquitaine-Gascony between 1400 and 1442

10:45-11:10 Refreshments

Session 5a – War in 1415
Dr Jan Willem Honig – Reappraising Late Medieval Strategy: The Example of the Agincourt Campaign
Dr Matthew Bennett – Battle of Agincourt
João Gouveia Monteiro – Another 1415: Portugal’s Military Landscape

 Session 5b – The cost and impact of war
Dr Iain MacInnes – The Return of the Scots: The impact of Scottish raiding of North England in the 1330s and 1340s
Trevor Russell Smith – Devastation, Chivalric Rhetoric, and Ethics of War in the Lancercost Chronicle, 1327-46
Guillaume Sarrat de Tramezaigues – How the English Lost the Hundred Years War (1429-1453): Some economic considerations

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Public Conference Session
Part 1
Professor Jon Adams – Henry V’s Great ship Grace Dieu.  Recent research and new discoveries
Peter Hoskins – Road to Agincourt
Martin Knight - A presentation of some of the European Arms, focussing on swords, in use during the period of the Hundred Years War

Please note this session is optional for conference delegates.  Alternatively a visit to Southampton’s Historical sites has been arranged or you could attend the Road to Agincourt play (further information and ticket prices in the What’s on in Southampton section of this brochure and in your delegate pack).       

15:20- 15:40 Refreshments
15:40- 17:00 Public Conference Session
Part 2
Mark Hinsley – Playing for high stakes – the humble archer’s stake and the battle of Agincourt
Sean McGlynn – Kings, Chivalry and Slaughter: Henry V and the Agincourt Massacre in its Medieval Context
Dr Mike Jones – The battle of Verneuil (17 August 1424) – a second Agincourt?
17:00-18:00 Public Session - Afternoon Plenary
Dr Ian Mortimer – The Meaning of War
18:30-19:45 Dinner for Conference Delegates
20:00-21:00 Evening Plenary
Dr Alexzandra Hildred – Mary Rose: The Final Battle

Sunday 2 August 2015

08:00 Coach departs for excursion **
08:30-11:00 Breakfast and Tour of Mary Rose Exhibition
11:00-11:30 Travel to Portchester Castle**
11:30-12:30 Tour of Portchester Castle
12:30-13:00 Depart for Titchfield Barn**
13:00-15:05 Lunch and tour at Titchfield Barn and Abbey

Afternoon Plenary

Professor Bertrand Schnerb – The Kingdom of France in 1415, between Peace and War

16:30 Depart for Fort Nelson
17:00-18:00 Fort Nelson visit and tour
Includes firing of the cannon.
18:00-18:45 Conference Drinks Reception

Conference Dinner

followed by after dinner speech by Professor Anne Curry

21:00 Coach returns delegates to Southampton

Monday 3 August 2015

08:00-08:30 Breakfast for residents

Session 6a - Conduct
Dr Gary Baker – To Agincourt and Beyond! The Martial Affinity of Edward, Duke of York
Dr Rémy Ambühl – Henry V and the administration of justice at the surrender of Meaux, 1422
Professor Virginia Davis – The spiritual welfare of the English royal army during the campaigns of Henry V

Session 6b – Late 15th Century Warfare
Peter Masters – The Decisive Battle - 1487
Kate Bicknell – Battlefield Ballads; the Stanleys in verse
Dr Adam Chapman – The posthumous knighting of Dafydd Gam, esquire

10:45-11:10 Refreshments

Session 7a – Society and warfare
Matt Raven – The Obligation of War for Edward III and his Earls
Professor Michael Hicks – The Costs of the Hundred Years War to the English Nobility in the Fifteenth Century
Dr Irina Metzler – Disabled soldiers – battlefield causes and social consequences of wounding

Session 7b – Honour and action
Dr Andy King – ‘Then a great misfortune befell them’: The Treatment of the Vanquished on the Battlefield, c.1300-c.1450
Peter Hoskins - The Black Prince in France 1355/6 and the Battle of Poitiers: Brigand or Strategist
Dr Aleksandr Lobanov – In the Far East of Lancastrian France: English garrisons in Bassigny

13:00 Conference close

** please note all transportation to the Sunday excursions is not provided unless attending the conference dinner.

This programme maybe subject to change.

Position of the troops
Position of the troops
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