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Assessment and Learning in Practice SettingsMentor/Practice Educator development

On-going Support and Development of Practice Facilitators


The Faculty has a track record for carrying out successful support and development for its practice facilitators, such as:

Uni-professional updates will continue to be carried out for each professional group to support new demands and changes in practice. It is hoped that in a similar way to the proposed ALPS programme in the future learning events will be increasing presented in a multi-professional forum whenever and wherever appropriate.

The ALPS team are aware that in all learning events, whether multi-professional, uni-professional and/or customised, there needs to be flexibility in the teaching methods and modes of delivery adopted. Many of the processes and support systems are being centralised and improved, for example the eAoPP website:

Practice facilitators should regularly look on this website for information on updates and new events.

Nurse Mandatory Updates

 - will continue to be organised and accessed through usual local procedures.

AHP - Development Programme

 - will continue to carry out Briefings, Novice/customised workshops on an informal basis throughout the year. These can be accessed directly through this website. The programme runs from September through to June, each year the new programme is advertised from July onwards.


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Using Social Media

Use of social networking sites by nurses, midwives and students

Placement Team

If you have any queries regarding student placements please contact the Placement Team

Managing Student Issues in Practice

If you have an issue with a student in practice please visit the Managing Student Issues in Practice page.

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