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The University of Southampton
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Key research projects

Osteoarthritis of the thumb therapy (OTTER) trial

This research, funded by Arthritis Research UK, looks at the development and pilot testing of hand based splints to relieve pain and improve function in people with thumb osteoarthritis. The research will design and conduct a pilot trial, comparing occupational therapy treatment; occupational therapy treatment plus thumb splint and occupational therapy treatment plus placebo splint in people with thumb base osteoarthritis.

The design and evaluation of an intervention to improve self-management skills in patients with musculoskeletal disease and low literacy

This research, funded by Arthritis Research UK, has conducted a systematic review and qualitative synthesis of the effectiveness of patient education for people with low literacy levels.  The information gathered will be used to design a tailored self management intervention that aims to improve peoples' health literacy and skills to self manage their arthritis from the early stages of the disease. (more on her pages)

National survey of the continuing professional development of nurses and allied health professionals working with people with musculoskeletal conditions

In this survey we examined the current status of continuing professional development for nurses and allied health professionals working with people with musculoskeletal conditions. Mangers, patients and clinicians informed the survey to ensure the most relevant questions were asked.

SARAH - Strengthening and stretching for people with rheumatoid arthritis of the hand. The clinical and cost effectiveness of an exercise programme over and above usual care

The SARAH trial is looking at two approaches to treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis affecting the hands. We are comparing the provision of joint protection advice with joint protection advice in addition to an exercise programme for the hands and arms. Approximately 480 adults will be recruited from across the country.


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