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Email For Life Forwarding Service

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When you apply, we will give you an email forwarding address that is easy to remember, it will be based on your old student email address* with the word 'alumni' added, so will become This is not an email account**, it is a forwarding address that directs all emails sent to it on to your permanent email address. You can give this forwarding address to your friends and if you have to change your permanent email address in the future, your friends can still contact you via your Email for Life. All you have to remember is to let us know if your permanent email address changes so that we can redirect your mail to it.

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    If you cannot remember your student email address or you didn't have one, don't worry we can still allocate you one.***

    * When you graduate your University email account name expires.

    ** To register for Email for Life, you must have a current email address with another service provider such as, Hotmail or Yahoo.

    *** If your student email address was just your initials, the year of your first degree will be added eg. abc becomes abc1997.

    To apply for an Email for Life forwarding address, please complete the Email for Life form below. Please also use this form if you already have an Email for Life forwarding address, but wish to let us know that your permanent email address has changed.

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