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University of Southampton Southern Alumni Branch UK

Did you know that there are over 24,500 alumni living in the Southampton area? We’re really excited to have established this local Southampton alumni branch right on the University's doorstep.

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About the University of Southampton Southern Alumni Branch UK (UOSSABUK)

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Coordinated for alumni by alumni, our core aims are to help you network and gain access to further career and personal development opportunities. We also have affiliate groups, such as the Retired Staff Association and the University Players, who offer other benefits and opportunities to branch members.

We aim to create a fun and enjoyable community for our local alumni through a broad range of social, sporting and business networking events. Additionally, we plan to make best use of the experts working within the University to provide you with access to lifelong learning and personal development opportunities.

We’re run by committee and we’d like to invite you to get to know us a little better by taking a look at our profiles below.

We hope you’ll join us in this exciting new venture and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Visit our Facebook page to find out more about our activities.


It is free to join the branch and everyone is welcome. We may charge for some events in order to cover costs but this will be advertised on an event by event basis.

To join the branch and the mailing list please complete the following steps:

1. Using the email account you would like added to the branch mailing list, email with the text 'subscribe Southampton-branch' in the main body of the email. Please leave the subject line blank.

2. You should then receive a confirmation email from the mailing list provider stating that you have been subscribed.

3. If you wish to unsubscribe at any point, follow step 1 replacing 'subscribe' with 'unsubscribe'.

If you have any problems, please contact the committee at or the alumni relations office at

You can also like the branch on Facebook.

Branch coordinators required

If you are interested in helping to coordinate the branch please contact The type and amount of support you give to the branch is very flexible and can be worked around your availability, so if you have some skills you'd like to put to use and lots of enthusiasm then get in touch with us.

Meet the UOSSABUK committee

Rich Carruthers, Chair

Since completing my MSc in 2007 I’ve worked in a variety of roles at the University. Most recently I’ve spent time tackling a number of projects related to student employability and helping the institution to grow and develop as a leading UK university. I was approached earlier this year to help set up the Southampton Branch and after a brief conversation with the alumni office I was convinced of its merits.

I value personal and professional development and was keen to see a network that provides both entertainment and educational opportunities. There’re many reasons to get involved, maybe you’re looking for help in securing your next career step, seeking advice on becoming your own boss, pursuing your passion in Astronomy or Zoology or simply wanting to cheer on your old sports team over a drink with old friends. Come and join us and hopefully you’ll find something of value to you.

Mike Brown, Communications

At Southampton I studied chemistry as an undergraduate and postgraduate. I then worked for a year as an industrial chemist, but was always looking to do something a bit more creative. I took a chance and moved to Cambridge to work for the Royal Society of Chemistry as an Assistant Editor of scientific journals. There, I discovered a flair for writing and became a journalist working for the RSC member’s magazine, Chemistry World. However, the pull of the University was too great and for the past two years, I have been working in the Communication and Marketing department as a Corporate Editor, where I have editorial responsibility for the undergraduate prospectus, among other corporate publications.

As part of my job, I now work closely with the Alumni Relations team and that is how I got introduced to the idea of reviving the Southampton Branch. I see it as an opportunity to not only revive our local community, but to remind us all that the University can still have a part to play in shaping our careers, even if our education seems a long time ago. So join us to re-engage with your community and find out how the University can help you with the next stage of your career.

Laura O'Loughlin

I wanted to get involved in the Southampton branch as it will be a great way for past students who are still in the local area to network with each other. Working at a large local employer such as the University, it is always helpful to make new contacts/friends in other departments. I’m sure there are lots of alumni who work here who have probably never met and the branch will be a fantastic opportunity to do this. It will also be a good way of making links with people in the wider Southampton community. They do say it’s all about who you know.

Alex Melhuish

Alex studied Electronic Engineering (2010) then joined the university's Diversity Team (HR) to pursue his passion for inclusion and fairness. He has worked extensively with students, alumni, academic and professional staff from the University to further these aims, and hopes to support the network to itself be inclusive, and to make the most of the variety of disciplines and industries Southampton-based alumni represent.

Anna Barney

Anna was awarded a BSc in Physics and MSc in Electronics and, in 1995, a PhD in Speech Acoustics all at the University of Southampton. She was appointed as a lecturer in 1998 and promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2004. Anna supports the alumni branch as a volunteer alongside her role at the University as Associate Dean Education in Engineering and Environment and combines her experience of the University and her alumni perspective to help generate ideas for branch activity that will be interesting and useful to the alumni community.

Rachel Mills

I graduated from Southampton in 1988, the first year that Oceanography awarded undergraduate degrees. My studies at Southampton inspired me to develop a career in research. I explore the deep oceans from research ships, carry out expeditions to the freezing seas offshore Antarctica, or to the very deepest vents in the Cayman Trough and along the spreading volcanic ridges that run right round the deep ocean floor. I am about to take over as Head of Ocean and Earth Science, the department I graduated from, which is a great honour. I am keen to rebuild connections with our alumni and provide opportunities for building new networks and connections across the generations of Southampton graduates.

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