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From alumni who have reached the top of their industries to recent graduates taking the first steps in their careers, our alumni have a whole range of stories, insights and pearls of wisdom to share.

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Subject-specific alumni profiles

Each of our academic units like to stay in touch with their former students. Read some of the subject-specific alumni profiles here.

Individual profiles by decade

Browse our alumni profiles by decade and see what our graduates have achieved and experienced over the past sixty years.

Alumni from the classes of 1960s

  • James Torr, BSc Civil Engineering, 1960
  • David Bell, BSc Electronics, 1966
  • Susan Keane, BSc Psychology & Statistics
  • Michael Pickwoad, BSc Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1967
  • Tariq Durrani, MSc Electronics, 1967; PhD, 1970
  • David Jeens, BSc Civil Engineering, 1969
  • Alumni from the classes of 1970s

  • Peter Boait, BSc Electronic Engineering, 1973
  • Robert Edenborough, PhD Psychology, 1973
  • Richard Furness, PhD Mechanical Engineering, 1973
  • Roger Hammett, BA Education, 1973
  • Professor Richard Holdaway, CBE, BSc Aeronautics, 1970, PhD Electric Propulsion for Space, 1974
  • Martin Glennie, BSc, Psychology, 1977
  • Philip Pugh, BSc Mathematics, 1977
  • Teck-Seng Low, 1978 BSc Electrical Engineering, 1982 PhD Engineering
  • Guy Hill, LLB Law, 1979
  • Chris Richards, BSc Physics 1979
  • Alumni from the classes of 1980s

  • Albert Traverso, MA Education, 1980
  • Howard Phillips, BA English, 1981
  • Adrian Newey, BSc Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1980
  • Rob White, BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1987
  • Andrew Wolstenholme, BSc Civil Engineering, 1981
  • Gary Howorth, BSc Electonic Engineering, 1982
  • Julian Poulter, BSc Physics and Astronomy, 1982
  • Stefan Cross, QC, LLB Law, 1982
  • Mark Goulding, BSc Electronic Engineering,1983
  • Stephen Payne, BSc (Eng) Ship Science, 1984
  • Simon Tait, BSc Electronic Engineering, 1984
  • Timothy Powell, BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1986
  • Fotini Maltezou, PhD Geophysics, 1987
  • Heather Williams, BSc Economics, 1987; MA Creative Writing, 2008
  • Reiner Schmitz, BA German, 1989
  • William Webb, BEng Electronic Engineering, 1989
  • Alumni from the classes of 1990s

  • Stephanie Bass, BSc Economics and Business Economics, 1992
  • Professor Bhawani Chowdhry, PhD Electronics and Computer Science, 1990
  • Oliver Saxby, LLB Law, 1991
  • James Read, BSc Physics with Oceanography, 1992
  • Vanessa Bowman, BSc Geology, 1994
  • Muhammad Malik, MSc Irrigational Engineering, 1995
  • Kerrie Holland, BSc Politics and International Relations, 1997
  • Scott Latham, BSc Economics with Actuarial Studies, 1999
  • Alumni from the classes of 2000s

  • Franz Newland, PhD Aerospace Systems, 2000
  • David White, BSc Geology, 2000
  • James Wicks, BSc Physiology, 2001; PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology, 2006
  • James Evans, BA Spanish, 2002
  • Norio Kubo, MSc Sound and Vibration, 2002
  • David Walker, MEng Electronic Engineering, 2002
  • Craig Lawton, BA Music, 2007
  • Gina Hodsman, BSc Biology, 2006; MSc Civil Engineering with Industrial Placement, 2008
  • Rachel Steiner, BSc Physical Geography, 2008
  • Nick Braund, BA Sports Management & Leadership, 2009
  • Alumni from the classes of 2010s

  • Holly Bik, PhD Marine Biology, 2010
  • Colman O'Meara, LLB Law, 2015
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