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Guy Hill

LLB Law, 1979

What was your first job after graduation?

Solicitor's articled clerk

What is your current job?

Head of London office for Swiss stockbroking firm Helvea.

What are your main responsibilities and duties in your current job?

I am responsible for a team of 8 sales traders servicing UK-based institutional investors. We specialise in Swiss equities. My skills are assimilating our analysts' research on stocks, communicating ideas to clients as per individual needs. Markets throw fast balls at you every day and you need to think on your feet, so flexibility, calmness and clarity are all important attributes for the job. Numeracy helps too. But building 6 maintaining client relationships over the long term is the key.

What has been your favourite job since graduation?

I've been in my current job since early 1989 and as we now own our own business it’s my favourite job.

Have there been any turning points?

Failing Law society part 2s. Best thing that ever happened to me. Made me really think about what to do rather than follow my parents' chosen path.

What are you most proud of?

Being ranked number 1 in my niche for several years running.

Do you feel that the University of Southampton and the course you studied here have helped you in your career?

Law involves assessing arguments and pros/cons. Stockbroking is all about weighing up risk/reward of stocks.

What advice would you give to current and prospective students who desire a similar career to yours?

Have fun and don't think you have to follow the career route most appropriate for your chosen course.

What made you decide to study your particular course?

Parental pressure.

What would you recommend about studying at Southampton?

When I was there the law faculty had a great reputation. I presume it still has? Also, the City has much to offer, not least a super football team.

If you had your time at Southampton again, would you do anything differently?

Probably study something I was really interested in rather than a career type course. So, probably something like History or Archaeology.

Are you still in touch with fellow alumni from your time at the University of Southampton?

A few

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