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The University of Southampton
Alumni and supporters

Your Reunion. Saturday 10 September 2016

On Saturday 10 September 2016 you will have the chance to re-live your student days whilst catching up with old friends and acquaintances.

Exclusive access will be granted to you to tour some of our research facilities and you will hear from a selection of our world renowned academics talk about current topics affecting our world.

You can stay in halls of residence, tour Highfield campus with some of our current students and see if, and how much, student life here has changed.

The day will be rounded off with a reception and dinner hosted by Sir Christopher Snowden; President and Vice-Chancellor of the University.


Who's already booked

Click on the headings below to see who has already booked their place on Your Reunion 2016

(Nb. Guests are not required to share their booking information publicly so there may be people attending who are not represented here)

Classmates from 1956

Pamela Boyland, Language Studies

Heather Leigh, Languages

John Foxwell, Aeronautical Engineering

David Robins, Mechanical Engineering

Donald Reynolds, Modern Languages

Douglas Tavener, Economics/Geography

Corinne Williams, Zoology


Classmates from 1961

Stanley Dean, Engineering

Robin French, Physics

Gerald Ponting, Zoology

Ann Ralph, Zoology


Classmates from 1966

Robert Alger, Mechanical Engineering

Kay Alger (nee Tenniswood), German & Subsidiary French

Robin Crosse, Physics

John Deverson, Civil Engineering

Brian Foster (Pratt), Engineering

Christine Foster, Engineering

Mary Frost, English

Richard Frost, Engineering

Richard Gledhill, History

Christine Howard, English and Classics

Nick Houston, Electronic Engineering

Richard Kirby, Engineering

Vijay Nayar, Mechanical Engineering

Geofrrey Mayes, Structural Engineering

Bob Sykes, Electrical Engineering

Peter Walters, Engineering

Michael Watson, Mechanical Engineering

Anthony Wheel, Civil Engineering

Classmates from 1971

Roland Alcock, Chemistry

David Coker, Electronic Engineering

Ian Cook, Civil Engineering

John Fryer, Engineering

Raymond Hardinge, Engineering

Sheila Hodson, Mathematics

Peter Shaw, Chemistry

Philip Sturley, Aeronautics

Classmates from 1976

Roland Alcock, Chemistry

Richard Allwood, History

Michelle Breeze, History

Michael Brown, Geology

Heather Bryce, Chemistry

Robert Bryce, Mathematics

Robin Darbyshire, Mathematics

David Fryer, Accountancy and Statistics

John Gates, Sociology

Tim Glass, Economics & Accountancy

Stephen Goodall, Physiology & Biochemistry

Sadie Hurdle, Psychology

Hugh Lang, Electronics

Bridget Jenkins (nee Allen), History

Colin Manton, History

Elizabeth McCalla, Law

Phillip Mills, Civil Engineering

Susan Morris, Spanish

Lynda Murray, History

Madeleine Nettleship, Physiology & Biochemistry

Angela Scott, Physiology and Biochemistry

Alan Smith, Geophysical Sciences

Gillian Stanworth, Law

Richard Waterman, Electronic Engineering

Richard Windle, Psychology & Statistics

Carl Young, Social Science

Classmates from 1981

Sarah Coles (Cresswell) – Law

Robert Crowte, Chemistry

Kerry Beattie, Law

Gillian Crawley, Archaeology

Helen Diles, Chemistry

Jerry Dixon, Physics

Colin Gardner, Physics with Electronics

Nigel Gifford, Law

Chris Hall, Electrical Engineering

Paul Hutchison, Electronic Engineering

Elizabeth Kerr, Archaeology

Chiu-Kwan Lam, Chemistry

Debbie Lawley, Archaeology

Anne-Marie Mayer, Physiology and Biochemistry

Tom McMahon, Law

Rowena Newbigging, Politics and Sociology

Mike Parker, Electronics

Julian Payne, Electrical Engineering

Dawn Walmsley, Law

Gavin Withers, Electronic Engineering

William Wrench, Electrical Engineering


Classmates from 1986

Wendy Armstrong - Geography

Graham Atkins, Accounting and Law

Graham Beauchamp, Law

Guy Blythman, History

Roger Brown, Chemistry

James Burnett, Electronic Engineering

Neville Byford, Law

Nick Clegg, Physics with Mathematics

Stephen Cottrell, Business Economics and Accounting

Robert Crowte, Chemistry

Tim Deasy, Social Sciences

John Durand, History

Annie Francis (nee Peirson-Hills), Environmental Sciences

Michelle Galpin, Mathematics

Sean Galpin, Mathematics

Nicola Hancock, Biology

Catherine Harvey, Geography

Melanie King, Mathematics

Ian Lakin, Law

Wendy Lawson, Law

Alastair Lindsay, Social Sciences

Deborah Markham, Law

Frances McCarthy, Geography

Paul McElwaine, Ship Science

Andrew Miller QC, Law

Anne Minihane, Law

Rex Parry, Law

Lindsay Prestage, English

Susan Roberts, Accounting and Law

Richard Sender, Ship Science

Sara Stone, English Literature

Michael Wilkinson, Physics

Classmates from 1991

Rachael Binning, Psychology

Paul Chesworth, Modern Languages

Isabelle Debourdeau-Fallon, Electronic Engineering

Ian Fallon, Electronic Engineering

Joan Phillips, Physics

Haseet Sanghrajka, Economics & Business Economics

Richard Smart, Engineering

Sara Stone, English

Salin Talavdekar, Social Sciences

Classmates from 1996

Maxwell Clark, Engineering

Melloney Hartley, Philosophy

Paul Hartley, Civil Engineering

Eren Kotan, Electronics and Computer Science

Wendy Leung, Pharmacology and Biochemistry

Maria Padley, English

Who's already registered their interest

In addition to guests who have booked, a number of people have previously registered their interest in Reunion. Click on the headings below to find their names.

Classmates from 1956

Classmates from 1956 who have registered their interest already include:

  • Pamela Boyland, German
  • John Foxwell, Aeronautical Engineering
  • George Harley, Engineering
  • Jim Hubner, Economics
  • Heather Leigh (nee Spence), Modern Languages
  • Julian Lloyd, Electrical Engineering
  • Kenneth Lott, Chemistry
  • Hugh (Brian) Miller, Science
  • Sylvia Mundy (nee Lonnen), Botany
  • Donald Reynolds, Modern Languages
  • David Robins, Mechanical Engineering
  • Derek Schofield, History
  • Douglas Tavener, Economics/Geography
  • David Triggle, Chemistry
  • Corinne Williams (nee Ralph), Zoology


Class of 1961 and 1966

Classmates from 1961 and 1966 who have registered their interest already include:

Classmates from 1961:


  • Jill Appleton (nee Egan), Science
  • Maurice Arnold, Engineering
  • Anthony Bird, Classics
  • Anne Challoner (nee Dyer), Mathematics
  • Paul Chevalier, General Arts
  • Martin Clarke, Electrical Engineering
  • Stanley Dean, Engineering
  • Patricia Enticott, Geography
  • Geoffrey Enticott, General Arts
  • Robin French, Physics
  • Dennis Milns, Aeronautical Engineering
  • David Pepperell, Chemistry
  • Anthony Poole, Physics/Maths
  • Anne Ralph (nee Trevallion) Zoology
  • Stephen Rubinstein, Aero Engineering
  • Patricia Wood (nee Shannon), History



Classmates from 1966:

  • Richard Baldey, Physics
  • Adrian Barnes, Botany
  • David Bell, Electronics
  • Patrick Coates, Mechanical Engineering
  • Robin Crosse, Physics
  • John Deverson, Civil Engineering
  • Brian Foster, Mechanical Engineering
  • David Francis, Mathematics
  • Richard Frost, Engineering
  • Quintin Gee, Mathematics
  • Carolyn Glyn-Jones (nee Cox), Law
  • Peter Glyn-Jones (nee Jones), Law
  • Christine Howard (nee Smith), English and Latin
  • Nick Houston, Electronics Engineering
  • Richard Kirby, Mechanical Engineering
  • Keith Mills, Electronics
  • Vijay Nayar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tony Nicholls, English
  • Christopher Parker, Electronics
  • Anthony Parkinson, Law
  • Jeremy Sargent, Civil Engineering
  • Gordon Smith, Botany
  • Martin Sykes, Electrical Engineering
  • Hazel Waters, English
  • Anthony Wheel, Civil Engineering
  • Paul Williams, Civil Engineering
  • Jennifer Mary Wright, French/Latin


Class of 1971 and 1976

Classmates from 1971 and 1976 who have registered their interest already include:

Classmates from 1971:

  • Roland Alcock, Chemistry
  • Stavros Beskos, Operations Research
  • Sue Bishop, Mathematics
  • Christopher Boxall, Mathematics
  • Liz Clarke, Mathematics
  • Philippa Clarke (nee Walman), History
  • Ian Cook, Civil Engineering
  • Sally Cooke, Sociology & Psychology
  • David Coker, Electronic Engineering
  • Jane Crumpton-Taylor (nee Smith), Social Sciences, Accounting and Economics
  • Roger Eldridge, Chemistry
  • Michael Forrer, Economics
  • John Fryer, Town Planning
  • Milan Fuchs, Electronic Engineering
  • Raymond Hardinge, Electronic Engineering
  • Michael Hewett, Electrical Engineering
  • Martin Hirst, Civil Engineering
  • Sheila Hodson, Mathematics
  • Peter Jackson, Economics
  • Andrew Murtagh, English
  • Iain McDonald, Economics & Sociology
  • David Quarendon, Mathematics
  • Rajinder Sagar, Electrical Engineering
  • Peter Shaw, Chemistry
  • Mary Sparrow (nee Hauser), Zoology
  • David Street, Physics
  • Philip Sturley, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Thomas Wood, Physics
  • Joan White (nee Grundy), Sociology and Social Administration


Classmates from 1976:

  • Roland Alcock, Chemistry
  • Kim Adams, Geography
  • Elaine Bailey (nee Wasley), Civil Engineering
  • James Blanchard, Oceanography
  • Michael Bromley-Martin, Civil Engineering
  • Andrew Brown, Electronics
  • Michael Brown, Geology
  • Heather Bryce (nee Roberts), Chemistry
  • Robert Bryce, Mathematics
  • Catherine Burrows, Mathematics
  • Roger Burrows, Mathematics
  • Philip Burton, Geography
  • Ruth Chiddle (nee Davies), Sociology & Social Administration
  • David Childs, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Margaret Clark, Social Work
  • David Cordell, Civil Engineering
  • Bob Cripps, Ship Science
  • Barbara Curtis (nee Holloway)
  • Robin Darbyshire, Mathematics
  • Lorraine Davies, Law
  • Susan Donaghy, Economics
  • Jonathan Edwards, Law
  • Paul Faris, Mathematics
  • John Gates, Sociology
  • Jean Gange (nee Taylor), History
  • Tim Glass, Accountancy & Economics
  • Steve Goodall, Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Frank Hallinan, Biology
  • Anne Hawton, German
  • Sandie Hurdle (nee Davies) Psychology
  • Bridget Jenkins, History
  • Christine Kirby (nee Morgan), Music and German
  • Caroline Krajewski, Geophysics
  • Jeanette Letch (nee Bodsworth), Mathematics
  • Roger Lifton, Politics and Sociology
  • Jonathan Lloyd-Jones, Law
  • Charles Lutyens, Advanced Educational Studies
  • Nigel Mackie, Economics
  • Paul Maddison, Electronic Engineering
  • Rosemary Martin, Health Visiting
  • Elizabeth McCalla (nee Knapman), Law
  • Phillip Mills, Civil Engineering
  • Susan Morris (nee Davies), Spanish
  • Lynda Murray (nee Bull), History
  • Susan Robilliard, Chemistry
  • Rod Rodericks, Politics
  • Angela Scott, Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Alan Smith, Geographical Sciences
  • Gillian Stanworth (nee Paver), Law
  • Katherine Swift (nee Haggie), Sociology & Social Administration
  • William Thacker, Maths
  • Graham Tupper, Electronics
  • Richard Waterman, Electronic Engineering
  • Vicki Whitham, Physiology & Biochemistry
  • Richard Windle, Psychology & Statistics




Class of 1981 and 1986

Classmates from 1981 and 1986 who have registered their interest already include:

Classmates from 1981:

  • Geoffrey Alsford, Biology
  • John Anderson, Chemistry
  • Adrian Austin, Business Economics/Accountancy
  • Kerry Beattie, Law
  • John Bennett, Mechanical Engineering
  • Beverley Briggs, Chemistry
  • Jennifer Caithness (nee Short), English
  • Susan Casey (nee Humphrey) Sociology
  • Robert Crowte, Chemistry
  • Jerry Dixon, Physics
  • Grant Chaplain, Accountancy and Business Economics
  • Nicola Clark (nee Smith), French
  • Sarah Coles, Law
  • Gillian Crawley, Archaeology
  • Julian Duffus, Theology and Fine Art
  • Nigel Gifford, Law
  • Brian Gravenor, Chemistry
  • Michael Gregg, History
  • Chris Hall, Electrical Engineering
  • Garrie Harrington, Economics and Business Economics
  • David Harris, English
  • Paul Howd, Electrical Engineering
  • Elizabeth Kerr, Archaeology
  • Robert Kimber, Business Economics and Accounting
  • Karen Lynn, Geology
  • Tim Mace, Economics and Politics
  • Tom McMahon, Law
  • Keith Reed, Geography
  • Tina Reed (nee Mercer), Mathematics with Physical Geography
  • Charles Sexton, Geography
  • Arian Slatter, Mathematics with Actuarial Studies
  • Stephen Margo, Law
  • Rosie Newbigging, Politics
  • Julian Payne, Electrical Engineering
  • Carol Rosser (nee Whitehorn), Psychology
  • Russell Sims, Chemistry
  • Andrew Smith, Business Economics and Accounting
  • David Stembridge, Mechanical Engineering
  • Keith Taylor, Chemistry
  • Chris Wall, Chemistry
  • Dawn Walmsley, Law
  • Lynne Wells (nee Jones), English
  • Andrew Whitehouse, Medicine
  • Catrin Williams, Psychology
  • Barbara Wyant (nee Holloway) French and Latin


Classmates from 1986:

  • Nika Adham-Parangi, Pharmacology
  • Jeremy Anson, Chemistry
  • Wendy Armstrong (nee Wright), Geography
  • Graham Atkins, Accounting and Law
  • Fyona Bassett, Archaeology
  • Ranjan Biswas, Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Guy Blythman, History
  • Roger Brown, Chemistry
  • Jacqueline Becker, English 1986
  • James Burnett, Electronic Engineering
  • Neville Byford, Law
  • Robert Cawte, Chemistry
  • Alwyn Chilver, Geography
  • Nick Clegg, Physics with Mathematics
  • Peter Cockburn, Engineering Acoustics and Vibration
  • Donna Maria Coleston, Psychology with Physiology
  • Steve Cottrell, Business Economics and Accounting
  • Simon Daniel, Law
  • Pauline Dunn, Social Sciences
  • John Durand, History
  • Annie Francis (nee Peirson-Hills), Environmental Sciences
  • Clifford Fyson, Electronics
  • Michelle Galpin (nee Dackombe), Mathematics
  • Russell Griffin, Medicine
  • Robert Grimwood, Business Economics and Accounting
  • John Grasmeder, Chemistry
  • Jonathan Gunn-Smith, Archaeology
  • Amanda Hill (nee Barker), Geography
  • Jonathan Hill, Modern Languages
  • Magda Hopkins (nee Loveday), Spanish
  • Tim Horne, Chemistry and Maths
  • Ian Johnson, Physics
  • Simon Jowett, English
  • Melanie King, Mathematics
  • Ian Lakin, Law
  • Wendy Lawson-Shanks (nee Biggs),
  • Ruth Lees (nee Perry), Archaeology
  • Alastair Lindsay, Business Economics and Accounting
  • Graham Lilley, Accounting and Law
  • Simon Lovell, Law
  • Frances McCarthy, Geography
  • Andrew Miller QC, Law
  • Anne Minihane, Law
  • Simon Mortimer, Physics
  • James Moss, Physics
  • Graham Ollis, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jayne Olsen (Browning), Mathematics
  • Michael Newbury, Archaeology
  • Stephen North, Physiology & Biochemistry
  • Rex Parry, Law
  • Marcos Pacheco, Physics
  • Timothy Powell, Mechanical Engineering
  • Lindsay Prestage (nee Church) English
  • Jenny Reavley (nee Cripps), Law
  • Richard Sender, Ship Science
  • Bina Sharma, Chemistry with Biology
  • Catherine Shaw, Geography
  • Graham Smith, French & Spanish
  • Karen Usher (nee Miller), Music and English
  • Jez Walters, Geography
  • Karen Ward (nee Shail), Geography
  • Tony Watkins, Physics
  • Mike Wilkinson, Physics
  • Simon Wilkinson, Electronics
  • Tony Watkins, Physics


Class of 1991 and 1996

Classmates from 1991 and 1996 who have registered their interest already include:

Classmates from 1991:

  • Sylvie Alder (nee Pearce), Social Work
  • Jonathan Barnes, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Giselle Barrowcliffe (nee Kempson), Geography
  • Isobel Bretherton, English
  • Adrian Byrne, German
  • Marcus Capel, Chemistry/Oceanography
  • David Finch, Biology
  • Simon Finch, Biology
  • Maxwell Forni, Acoustic Engineering
  • John Gunn, Economics
  • Bob Hawken, Mathematics with Acturial Studies
  • Nicholas Hazel, Physics
  • Matthew Keown, Geography
  • Charlotte Lamb, History
  • Ann Lambert, History
  • Richard Lansdowne, Information Engineering
  • Clare Martin, Biology
  • Stephanie Massie (nee Miles), Law
  • Claire McQuaker (nee Furlong), Music
  • Andrew Moncrieff, Geography
  • Susan Murphy (Crawford-Condie), Mathematics
  • Christine Newsome, Education Health
  • Richard Patient, Economics and Politics
  • Ekaterini (Katia) Philanioutou, Accounting & Economics
  • Matthew Pescott Frost, History & Politics
  • Joan Phillips (nee Sik), Physics
  • Johanna Riley, Business Economics
  • Matthew Ryall, Economics
  • Khaireyah R Saif, Mathematics
  • Jonathan Stevens, Civil Engineering
  • Sara Stone (nee Ketterman), English Literature
  • Anita Sturgess, Biological Sciences
  • Andrew Swain, Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • John Sweet-Escott, Geography
  • Jocelyn Ward Hayter, Social Science
  • Annette Warham, Biology
  • Crickle (Mary) Whatmore, Social Work
  • Susan Wilson, English and Culture of Saints
  • Linda Miller, Medicine 1990
  • Michael Willoughby, Nutrition, Physiology, Biochemistry 1994


Classmates from 1996:

  • Robert Arnold, Mathematics/Economics
  • Maria Baker, Oceanography/Marine Biology
  • Mandy Baxter (nee Jepp), Geography/Oceanography
  • Clare Beaman, Biology
  • Sophia Belloul, French
  • Sue Bennett, Oceanography/Biology
  • Caroline Biggs, Law
  • Cain Blythe, Zoology
  • Antonia Carew (nee Lourdas), History
  • Ching Choo, Law
  • Ben Cooke, English
  • Jagdip Dhariwal, Economics
  • Veronica Dempsey (nee Sayers), Law
  • Tracey Elks (nee Meakins), Nutrition
  • Dan Evens, Chemistry
  • Jon Fox, Environmental Sciences
  • Tom Goris, Aeronautical Engineering
  • Stephen Harris, Computer Science
  • Andrew Hart, Geology
  • Paul Hartley, Civil Engineering
  • Malloney Hartley (nee Holder), Philosophy
  • Justin Heap, Ship Science
  • John Ireland, Electromechanical Engineering with European Studies
  • Benjamin Jeffs, Medicine
  • Deborah Knight (see Allen), History
  • William Knight, Electromechanical Engineering
  • Eren Kotan, Computer Science
  • Wendy Leung, Biochemistry and Pharmacology
  • Jignesh Madani, Management and Accounting
  • Kaustav Majumdar, Computer Science
  • Remy Mal, Pharmacology
  • Steve Marsh, Nutrition, Physiology, Biochemistry
  • Ellen Mcgowan, Social Policy
  • Meryl Moore, Social Work Studies
  • Paul Muammar, Mathematics
  • Nazel Mulhall, Mathematics
  • Tony Nicholls, English
  • Professor Olusegun Akinyinka, Pharmacology
  • Maria Padley (nee Willey), English
  • Chris Parsons, Electronic Engineering
  • Harilal Patel, Accounting and Economics
  • Matthew Pattyson, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Nicholas Phillips, Politics
  • Erika Pink (nee Nightingale), History
  • Claire Poulson, Mathematics with Statistics
  • Stephen Poulton, Occupational Therapy
  • Thomas Pountney, Sociology and Industrial Relations
  • Paul Radford, Business Economics & Sociology
  • Sally Riddex (nee Guntrip) Music
  • James Rockhill, Mechanical Engineering
  • Andrea Rushton, Mathematics with Statistics
  • Darren Simms, Mathematics
  • Victoria Sutton-Parker, Philosophy
  • Christopher Taylor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Noel Watson, Mechanical Engineering


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