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We spoke to one of our student fundraisers, Ali who is a second year Economics student about the Annual Giving Telephone Appeals.

Student Fundraising Team

Why do you enjoy being a Student Fundraiser?

I enjoy my work as a student fundraiser as it's a fantastic way to raise awareness for causes that really matter. Whether it's helping out students who are struggling to get by or funding ground-breaking cancer research, all of the funds we raise money for are very much worthwhile. It's also great engaging with and gaining perspective from alumni who have been in my shoes, as they too really enjoy hearing from the University.

What do you like most about speaking to the alumni you phone?

As a student fundraiser, I get the chance to speak to a very wide range of professionals with careers in all sorts of different sectors. It's great hearing how attending the University jump-started their dream careers, as well as gaining invaluable insight and advice from their stories.

How do you think the role has helped you prepare for a career after graduation?

This role has allowed me to understand the dynamics of working in a team, in addition to providing me with a boost in communication skills and confidence. All of these skills are vital for any career path, and so I'm very lucky to have been able to develop them all while helping people at the same time!

What are the ways you see alumni donations making a difference through the Annual Giving Programme?

Having been at the University for a year now, I've witnessed developments around campus which I feel proud to say I've played a small role in helping. Furthermore, there are many inspiring stories of victims of advanced and rare cancers whose lives are being saved as a result of our research. This really makes me feel great about the work I'm doing in particular for our Cancer Immunology Campaign.

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