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The University of Southampton
Alumni and supporters

About our Student Fundraising Team

Each year the University of Southampton hires and trains an incredible group of students to get in touch with alumni like you.

Our Student Engagement Team comprises a dedicated group of students from across all academic areas of the University, all of whom are passionate about engaging alumni like you with the many ways you can stay involved with your University. These include opportunities such as attending events, volunteering or donating to support various University-wide projects in our two priority areas: the Cancer Immunology Talent Fund, and the Ignite Programme.

Every February and March, the Student Fundraising Team run our Telephone Appeal. You may therefore receive a call from one of our brilliant students! They will be keen to speak to you about your time at Southampton, and what you’ve gone on to do since graduating. Your experiences can be invaluable in helping them find future careers and interests. They will also help find the most relevant opportunities available for you to give back to the University.

Our students are trained in how to process donations safely and effectively over the phone.

Please be aware that we have been notified about a number of calls being made to alumni from 020 3963 0530, alleging to be the University. These calls are a scam, and have not been made by anyone at Southampton. Please be assured that we do not give data to third parties - visit our Privacy Notice.

If you would like more information about the campaign, the training provided or how we ensure the security of your donations, please email our Regular Giving Officer, Chris Hartland at

We look forward to speaking to you!

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