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The University of Southampton
Airbus Noise Technology Centre

Computational facilities

The ANTC has access to a number of high performance computing clusters both within and outside the University. The University of Southampton's high performance state-of-the-art computing clusters are utilised to run the SotonCAA code for large-scale parallel computing.

Iridis4 Compute Cluster

  • 750 compute nodes with dual 2.6 GHz Intel Sandybridge processors;
  • Each compute node has 16 CPUs per node with 64 GB of memory;
  • 4 high-memory nodes with two 32 cores and 256 GB of RAM;
  • 24 Intel Xeon Phi Accelerators;
  • 3 login nodes with 16 cores and 125 GB of memory;
  • In total 12320 processor-cores providing 250 TFlops peak;
  • 1.04 PB of raw storage with Parallel File System;
  • InfiniBand network for interprocess communication;
  • Moab HPC Suite - advanced workload management system from Adaptive Computing;




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