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The University of Southampton
Airbus Noise Technology Centre

Tools and Technologies

The ANTC incorporates diverse expertise in both experimental techniques and computational technologies. The Centre is able to utilise the facilities at the University which include a selection of wind tunnels and computing clusters. 

Wind tunnels and technologies

Experimental facilities at the University include a range of low speed wind tunnels for aerodynamic and acoustic measurements. There is also a large anechoic chamber at ISVR. The anechoic chamber has internal dimensions of 9.15 m x 9.15 m x 7.32 m. The wedge length is 0.91 m giving free-field conditions at frequencies above 80 Hz. The University of Southampton is currently building a new anechoic wind tunnel at the Boldrewood campus. This will be part of the National Wind Tunnel Facilities. It is a closed return, open jet wind tunnel. The nozzle dimensions are 1 m x 0.75 m and the maximum flow velocity is 80 m/s. The internal dimensions of the anechoic chamber are 8.1 m x 4.4 m x 5.5 m. It is due for completion in 2018.

National Wind Tunnel Facility

ISVR Anechoic Chamber


Computational Facilities

The University's high performance state-of-the-art computing clusters are utilised to run an in-house code, known as SotonCAA, for large-scale parallel computing.

Computational facilities include:



The high-order computational aeroacoustics program SotonCAA has been developed within the centre and is at the forefront of numerical noise prediction technology.

Details of the SotonCAA program:

Governing equations:

Numerical schemes:


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