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The University of Southampton
Airbus Noise Technology Centre


The high-order computational aeroacoustics program SotonCAA has been developed within the centre and is at the forefront of numerical noise prediction technology.

SotonCAA CFD/CAA suite of codes

LEE (Linearised Euler Equations) code

APE (Acoustic Perturbation Equations) code

Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes

Large Eddy Simulation

CFD codes



Fluent 15.0

Boundary Element Method (BEM) codes

Actipole 1.21.0

BEM++ 2.0

Other codes

PHYSICS landing gear noise prediction code (for broadband prediction mode for landing gear noise)

CROR Broadband noise code (for prediction of OpenROTOR broadband noise)

CROR tonal noise code (for prediction of OpenROTOR noise)


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