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Dr Ferréol Salomon PhD Geoarchaeology/Geomorphology, University of Lyon

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Ferréol Salomon's photo

Dr Ferréol Salomon is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

I joined Archaeology at the University of Southampton as a research fellow in 2013, after completing a PhD in geoarchaeology / geomorphology at the University of Lyon (Lyon 2, France). My doctoral research focused on the study of the Tiber delta in Italy. I developed research on the Rome’s maritime façade and the fluvial-canal system of the Roman harbours of Portus and Ostia.

I am currently involved in the PortusLimen Project , coordinating a database on the geoarchaeology of the Roman harbours and on the geomorphology of Mediterranean coastal landscapes. Since my PhD, I have extended my interests to other study areas. I’m specifically involved in the fieldwork of the harbours of Tarragona, Baelo Claudia (Spain), Pozzuoli, but I’m still working on Ostia and Portus (Italy).

Research interests

My primary research interest is in geoarchaeology and concerns Roman harbour systems in Mediterranean coastal landscapes (PortusLimen Project). In an interdisciplinary context, I’m studying sedimentary archives recorded in Ancient harbour basins and navigable canals using palaeoenvironmental analysis. This data allows me to engage in discussion with archaeologists, epigraphists and historians in order to locate ancient harbours, reconstruct their configurations and dynamics, and understand their evolutions through time. Such research includes a specific interest in risk and resilience adaptations in changing landscapes and cultural contexts.

Additionally, I study the surrounding landscapes where these ancient harbour systems were founded, with a particular focus on coastal, fluvial and lagoonal dynamics. These 3 geomorphological units are the main components of coastal and deltaic plains. I study them at small-scale, taking into account the grain-size of the particles, to landscape-scale, analysing the formation and evolution of the Mediterranean deltas, using and developing concepts from the fluvial and coastal geomorphology.

  • Harbour and canal geoarchaeology;
  • Human-environment relationships;
  • Fluvial and coastal geomorphology;
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of coastal and deltaic landscapes;

Methodological interests: palaeoenvironmental analysis, sedimentology (Passega diagram), chronology in transdisciplinary approaches, and age-depth modelling.

Research Projects


Portus Limen

Dr Ferréol Salomon
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom

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