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Dr Marta Díaz-Guardamino

Visiting Fellow

Dr Marta Díaz-Guardamino's photo

Dr Marta Díaz-Guardamino is a Visiting Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

I am a visiting fellow, working on the project 'Making a Mark: Imagery and process in the British and Irish Neolithic', led by Dr. Andrew Meirion Jones, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Previously, I have also been based in Archaeology at the University of Southampton, first as a visiting postdoctoral researcher with the Archaeological Computing Research Group, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education (2011-2013), and then as a part-time lecturer (2013-2014). I obtained my BA, MA and PhD (Extraordinary Doctoral Award, 2009/2010) in Prehistoric Archaeology from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). During my PhD I carried out research stays at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) and at the University of California, Berkeley (United States). I have been involved in varied field projects in Spain and Portugal and have served as a contract archaeologist for public institutions in Portugal, including the IPPAR (Portuguese Institute of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage).

Since 2013 I am Assistant Reviews Editor of the European Journal of Archaeology and co-editor of the section ‘Theory and Interpretation in archaeology’ of the journal Open Archaeology .

Research interests

My research is particularly concerned with the later prehistory of Atlantic Europe (Iberia and the British Isles), especially in relation to archaeological art, monumentality and landscape. I am interested in understanding how decorated artefacts, rock art and monumental sculptures mediated social relationships by investigating the materials and processes involved in their manufacture, the archaeological and landscape contexts in which they are found and, more generally, their life-histories. This research includes the application of various state-of-the-art techniques, such as low-powered digital microscopy, Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), Photogrammetry, 3D laser scanning, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), as well as various methods of archaeological survey.

Currently, I am working on the project “Making a Mark: Imagery and process in the British and Irish Neolithic”, led by Dr. Andrew Meirion Jones, which is the first holistic analysis of decorated artefacts from the British and Irish Neolithic. We are examining and quantifying the manufacture, use and deposition of a broad range of Neolithic artefacts using a châine opératoire methodology. Ultimately, this will build a framework for understanding the relationship between these artefacts and the more extensively studied art of Neolithic monuments and settlements.

Additionally, I am advancing my research on late prehistoric sculpture in Iberia by analysing the techniques involved in the manufacture of Late Bronze Age stelae and by conducting interdisciplinary fieldwork, with Dr. David Wheatley and Dr. Leonardo García Sanjuán (University of Seville), aimed at recording and analysing the archaeological contexts of a series of recently discovered Late Bronze Age and Iron Age stelae found in the Guadalquivir valley.

Research group

Archaeological Computing

Research project(s)

Ancestral Images in Iberian Landscapes

This two-year (2011-2013) research project, which is being conducted by Dr. Marta Díaz-Guardamino and Dr. David Wheatley, is aimed at exploring the role of visual representations of people and/or things in monumental free-standing stones (‘stelae and statue-menhirs') and the ‘places' where they were located in the crafting of collective memories, identities and territories during the Bronze Age (ca. 2200-900/850 AC) in the Iberian Peninsula applying computer techniques, i.e. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3D Laser Scanning and Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI).

Promoting digital solutions to rock and cave art research

This 18 month project (2014-2015), funded by a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant, aims to advance rock art research through the application of state-of-the-art imaging technologies.

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Book Chapters

Creative Media and Artefacts

  • Dawson, I. (Artist) , Jones, A. (Author) , Diaz-Guardamino Uribe, M. (Author) , Allison, T. (Artist), Baldrick, H. (Artist), Louisa, M. (Curator), Buchli, V. (Author), SE, B. (Artist), Behr, B. (Author), Huyghebaert, P. (Artist), McSweeney, A. (Author), Jarvis, K. (Author), Zehrt, C. (Author), Lorini, N. (Artist), Claydon, S. (Artist), Clarke, A. (Artist) , Cornford, S. (Artist) , Crespo, N. (Artist), Doser, M. (Author), ... Dines, N. (Artist). (2017). Annihilation Event . Exhibition, The Lethaby Gallery.
  • Dawson, I. (Artist) , Dunseath, J. (Artist), Vhairi, M. (Artist), Minkin, L. (Artist) , Jones, A. (Other) , Diaz-Guardamino Uribe, M. (Other) , Greenwood, J. (Artist), Colegate, M. (Artist), & Dickinson-Lilley, J. (Other). (Accepted/In press). Elbow & C&C Residency . Exhibition
Dr Marta Díaz-Guardamino
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom
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