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Dr Pau de Soto Cañamares 

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Dr Pau de Soto Cañamares is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

I obtained my PhD in Classical Archaeology (2010) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). I specialized in Roman transportation and communication routes, mainly in the NE of the Iberian Peninsula (area of Catalonia), which was the focus of my PhD Thesis: "Anàlisi de la xarxa de comunicacions i de transport a la Catalunya romana. Estudis de distribució I mobilitat". I also have an MsC. in Geographical Information Technologies (2012) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Professionally, I have participated in numerous archaeological excavations for more than 10 years. Since 2007 I assisted doctoral and master's degree courses in Archaeology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICAC). More recently (2012-2013) I worked for the Archaeological Institute of Mérida (Spanish National Research Council-CSIC) as a specialist in the development of non-intrusive techniques, especially Geophysical Prospection and the use of Geographical Information Systems applied to Archaeology. Since I began my research career I've collaborated in numerous archaeological projects, mostly in Spain. Some of the most important are "Projecte Ager Tarraconensis (PAT). El paisatge arqueològic antic a la dreta del riu Francolí" (ICAC) and "Revalorización del patrimonio arqueológico mediante técnicas de análisis no destructivas. RITECA II" (IAM-CSIC). I also assessed and participated in several projects for cultural heritage. I worked on the archaeological documentation for the Tarragona 2017 Mediterranean Games Bid, wrote part of the contents of the Museum of Iesso (Guissona, Lleida) and designed the content of the Via Augusta's Observatory (Montornès del Vallès, Barcelona). 



Research interests

My research interests included the Digital Humanities and the use of digital information to advance our knowledge of the Past, especially in Roman times. The use of Network Analysis to understand the movement of goods in Antiquity and the organization of Roman territories is a particular focus. I'm also interested in the use of non-intrusive technologies, especially geophysics, in archaeological prospection so I've undertaken several geophysical surveys in Spain and Italy.

My current work at the University of Southampton is related to the development of the Pelagios 3 Project. As a postdoctoral fellow, my duties are the production of digital annotations, which includes the survey, collation and documentation of primary and secondary literature as well as the identification of historic places in ancient maps and geographic descriptions.

Research group

Archaeological Computing

Research project(s)


The Pelagios project is dedicated to using the power of Linked Open Data to connect all kinds of online documents about the ancient world - texts (ancient and modern), databases, maps, images and anything else - through the common places they refer to. Pelagios is a community-driven project that aims to find efficient, scalable, and straightforward ways to allow independent parties to make their work more accessible and more interconnected with the resources of others.

Dr Pau de Soto Cañamares
Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom
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