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Working with us

At Winchester School of Art, we're involved in enterprise and knowledge exchange across a range of areas including fashion, textiles, design, art and media technology. We draw on our expertise as a research University, the creativity and skills of our students and our partnerships with groups from industry and commerce to civic and local community organisations. The knowledge we share and learn, feeds into everything we do.

Explore our design services, campus exhibition spaces, laboratories and facilities to see how you can get involved.

Professional design practice

Studio 3015 is a professional design business at Winchester School of Art with its own dedicated space. We run education, research and social projects.

We draw on diverse talent which allows us to develop innovative design practice. The Studio employs graduates and offers learning opportunities for WSA students. We run live briefs and design projects for our clients. We also partner with with design educators, alumni, internationally leading design studios and a network of key organisations.

Find out how our studio can work with you. Email: .

Research labs

WSA Exchange

WSA Exchange offers a range of commercial services to external partners from business organisations to community groups. We specialise in digital, media, technology, marketing, fashion, design and art.

As part of a research-intensive university, our clients benefit from the latest academic research, skills and expertise.

Our services include:

We also bring together academic staff, students, research users, wider groups and communities. Together, we exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

To discuss a project or idea, email: .

E-Textile Innovation Lab

Our lab creates innovative e-textiles that enhance people’s lives and contribute to sustainability. We offer research collaborations, facilities and consultancy services.

Our textile design and manufacturing facilities includes equipment for knitting, weaving, and printing. We also have specialist facilities to print electronics on textiles and develop wearable prototypes.

Our expertise includes:

Find equipment specs, address details and contact information by visiting our e-textiles innovation lab .

Data Image Lab

Our lab's research and practice centres on the production, examination and visualisation of data. We explore the intersections between society, arts, design, technology, sciences and enterprise.

We aim to enrich our critical and conceptual understanding of data and society. We encourage dialogue with a range of partners through the application of art and design research methods. Our collaborators have space to reflect to create new research and make advances in data knowledge.

We carry out work in the areas of:

The researchers and practitioners we work with come from all areas of the sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

We also partner with:

To make an initial enquiry, email: .

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