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Meet the Study Abroad Bloggers!

Published: 25 September 2014 Origin:  Humanities

We’re pleased to introduce our new Study Abroad Bloggers, a collection of five Humanities Undergraduate students who are currently on their third year abroad study/work placements.

Our bloggers, who have been selected from a variety of Humanities disciplines, will be writing about their experiences from the very beginning of their journey as they step into the unknown, right up until the end of their trips as they arrive back in Southampton in the summer of 2015. They will be offering advice for anyone who may be thinking of taking up a similar opportunity, and sharing their personal anecdotes and stories to give you the real Study Abroad experience.

We hope you enjoy reading about their adventures, and join us in wishing them the best of luck with their travels.

Meet the Bloggers:

Frank Andrews (BA Modern Languages - French, Spanish and Arabic)
Medellin, Colombia

Abbie Robinson (BA English)
Aix-en-Provence, France

Robert Booth (BA History)
Hong Kong

Katie Uniacke (BA Modern Languages - Spanish and Portuguese)
Bonito, Brazil

Johnny Foster (BA Modern Languages - Spanish, German and Japanese)
Cologne, Germany

Study abroad student bloggers

Five of our current Humanities students share their study abroad 2014/15 experiences

Frank Andrews
Frank Andrews, BA Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Arabic), blogs from Colombia
Abbie Robinson
Abbie Robinson, BA English, blogs from Aix-en-Provence
Johnny Foster
Johnny Foster, BA Modern Languages (Spanish, German and Japanese), blogs from Cologne
Katie Uniacke
Katie Uniacke, BA Modern Languages (Spanish and Portuguese), blogs from Brazil
Robert Booth
Robert Booth, BA History, blogs from Hong Kong

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