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Thinking about studying Archaeology at Southampton?

Published: 13 August 2015

The Department of Archaeology has now met its quota for student places on all programmes starting October 2015. However, the University has allowed us to offer some further places on the following programmes: Single Honours BA Archaeology Single Honours BSc Archaeology Joint Honours BA Archaeology & Geography Joint Honours BA Archaeology & History

This year marks the launch of our BA in Archaeology & Anthropology , and we also have gained some extra places on this programme for 2015-16. Archaeology at Southampton has a long tradition of integrating archaeology with biological and social anthropology.  We welcome enquiries from students interested in a unique degree that covers human diversity across space and time from every conceivable angle.

There are also opportunities to study Archaeology as a Major/Minor with many other subjects.

Should I?

Most people don’t study archaeology at school and so committing yourself to studying it for three years at University might seem rather daunting… but: it is one of the most fascinating subjects of all, not only in its own right but because there are few other disciplines that don’t have some crossover with archaeology (that’s why we offer so many ways to study it).

What will studying archaeology involve?

As well as working in many different ways, archaeologists also work in many different places. As a student of archaeology and its related subjects you will spend time in seminar rooms, archives and libraries, but you will also go on study trips, visit sites and museums, carry out practical work in laboratories and be trained in the skills of fieldwork - we have 8-9 research projects running every year in which our students participate. These take place anywhere from the depths of the prehistoric landscapes of Wessex to the far corners of the earth, be it half way up mountains, in deserts or the deep sea – there are no limits!


If you are thinking of archaeology as a career, then the good news is that employment prospects in the industry are good. This is because archaeology is embedded in the planning and development process. So although archaeology is one of the most fascinating ways of discovering who we are and where we came from it is also vital to the ways we construct and manage our modern world.

If you’re not heading for archaeology as a career but looking for a fantastic general degree then Archaeology is one of the best you can do. Archaeology combines practice and theory and so develops academic and practical skills. In fact it has one of the highest quotients of transferable skills of any subject and that is why employers like archaeology graduates: They have the ability to work independently but also to function effectively as part of a team. They’re also used to being outside as well as inside and getting stuck in to whatever the job in hand might be. Our students end up in just about every employment sector you can think of and they do well.

Importantly we also have an excellent record for delivering ‘added value’ – that means many of our students achieve degree results significantly better than might have been expected on the basis of their A level scores. If you think you could do well here then get in touch – we might think the same!


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