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Marine Archaeology and the Future of the World Event

17:30 - 18:30
23 May 2019
University of Southampton, Avenue Campus Building 65, Lecture Theatre A Highfield Road Southampton SO17 1BF

Event details

The Centre for Maritime Archaeology (CMA) and the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI) 2019 Annual Lecture on Marine Archaeology and the Future of the World by Dr. Anthony Firth, MCIfA.

Marine archaeology is, intrinsically, a public endeavour. But what is the relationship between marine archaeology and the many intense debates going on in society at the moment? Where does marine archaeology fit within the ‘big picture’? This lecture will focus on marine archaeology as a practice in the modern world as well as a discipline trying to understand people in the past. Day-to-day points of contact will be explored between marine archaeology and current concerns such as environmental conservation, community identity, and international goals for sustainable development.

Speaker information

Antony Firth, Director of Fjordr Ltd, which is a small consultancy specialising in the cultural heritage of inland, coastal and marine waters. Antony studied for his PhD titled ‘Managing Archaeology Underwater’ in the Faculty of Law and the Department of Archaeology at the University of Southampton in 1991-96. Before and since, Antony has mixed his interests in policy and research with practical engagement in a wide range of archaeological projects. Among other roles, Antony is the Technical Advisor to the Honor Frost Foundation Steering Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage.

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