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"Hunters' Photographic Trophies: The Processes and Practices of Memorialisation" Seminar

17 March 2016
John Wymer Lab Building 65a Faculty of Humanities Avenue Campus

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Professor Yannis Hamilakis at .

Event details

This seminar is organised by the Centre for Anthropology


Photographs of hunters posing with an animal they have killed and often with the weapon that brought about that death, are often criticised as images of disturbing triumphalist and dominionistic relationships between humans and wild animals.  My ethnographic research with hunters suggests different reasons for (and hence a reading of) such photographs and their significance for hunters.  In this talk I will explore some of the issues of the experiences of hunters as they hunt and memories of those experiences when the hunt is concluded.

Speaker information

Professor Garry Marvin , University of Roehampton. Professor of Human-Animal Studies (Anthropology)

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