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People on the move: Copper Age migration and knowledge in Britain Seminar

17 November 2016
John Wymer Lab Building 65a Faculty of Humanities Avenue Campus

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Event details

Buried just a few kilometres from Stonehenge, the Amesbury Archer has become one of the most celebrated individuals known from European prehistory. The application of a battery of scientific techniques allowed archaeologists to tell the story of a man who travelled from the Alpine region to Britain. On his death he was given the richest burial of the age. It has been argued that the high status afforded to him in death was because he brought with him knowledge of metallurgy which, almost 4,300 years ago, was new and exotic in Britain.

This seminar will explore the wider context of the Amesbury Archer and those who also made long journeys to and within Britain and Ireland at this time. Some of them also brought with them knowledge of a new culture; the ‘Bell Beaker Culture.’ Their story embodies some of the characteristics of how this culture is currently understood; long distance travel, access to exotic materials, and the emergence of an elite. But did this migration and knowledge herald a period of rapid and important change or have they flattered to deceive archaeologists who have over-emphasised their importance?

A reminder that all students are particularly welcome to attend.

Speaker information

Professor Andrew Fitzpatrick , University of Leicester. Postdoctoral Research Associate

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