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Archaeology Part of Humanities Postgraduate study

Employability events

As an Archaeology student at Southampton you have access to a range of bespoke events designed with your employability in mind.  Through attending these events you will learn how the skills you have developed, within and external to your degree, transfer to life after University whilst adding new and exciting experiences to your time at Southampton.  You can attend events at University level, organised through the Careers and Employability Service, at Faculty level and through your department.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has its own ‘Mission Employable’ initiatives. These are designed to help all Humanities students take control of their own employability skills and develop themselves on both personal and professional levels so that they have the ability to pursue any career they choose on graduation.

Included in Mission Employable is a compulsory Employability module, HUMA1036 , for all first-year students in the Faculty. There is also a Peer Mentoring Scheme run by our students, a VIP Alumni Scheme, and an External Advisory Board to encourage employers to become more involved with Humanities students while they are still in education. Our aim is to form lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between our students, alumni, and employers. In addition, we are helping students to organise their own employability events in collaboration with the Faculty’s student-led academic societies.

Our students have a direct impact on their own employability opportunities through our Mission Employable Working Group, which meets twice a semester to share best practice between students on their events, facilitate student-Faculty collaboration, and review the employability initiatives. In this way, our students have a direct impact on the development of their own employability skills by managing their own projects and contributing to the transformation of their own learning.

Find out more about University level events from the Careers and Employability Service Events Calendar .

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