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Lucy Elkerton MA Archaeology

Lucy Elkerton's Photo

Hi, I'm Lucy Elkerton and I studied MA Archaeology within Humanities at the University of Southampton.

I love the chance to shape my own learning.

I initially intended only to study history, having been interested in it from a young age, and only put archaeology and history down as a way of broadening the scope of the history degree, as my interests were in medieval and pre-modern history rather than modern history. I came to the interview for archaeology at Southampton and was surprised at how interesting it was, and how friendly the department was. As I read more for my degree I became much more interested in the archaeology side.

Friendly and welcoming

Again, Southampton was not where I originally planned to go; it was only after the interview that I decided to make it my first choice. Archaeology came across as incredibly friendly and welcoming, very enthusiastic about the subject and engaging. The opportunity to do fieldwork abroad was another incentive, as well as the fact that I liked the campus and it gave me the opportunity to sail.

I read BA in Archaeology and History. As I explained above, it fitted my interests best and allowed me to study what I love.

New experiences

I am currently studying for the MA in Archaeology of Rome and its Provinces. During my time as an undergraduate in Southampton I focused my research interests in the Roman period, and its reception in later periods so this was the ideal fit for me. I stayed at Southampton because I really like the department and the experience of studying here, and because it has a good reputation for archaeology.

I love the chance to shape my own learning, to focus on aspects of the past that interest me, including areas that I never thought that I would consider before. I like challenging myself and trying new things. I really enjoy the experience of working with people who are top in their field and learning from them, as well as my peers. Also, it’s been a brilliant opportunity to enjoy new experiences, such as working abroad alongside international teams.

Studying at masters level has been fantastic: it has been a step-up from undergraduate study, intellectually and in terms of the work that is required but equally the opportunity to learn much more and direct my own research has been expanded and that has been really good.

Looking ahead

I am currently looking to arrange some more work experience over the summer, possibly for a local museum or English Heritage.

I am going to take a year out after my masters and will be looking for a job within the archaeology and heritage sector but also will be considering applying for a PhD.

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