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Mr Jose Oscar  Encuentra Bardina 

Postgraduate research student for the Centre for Maritime Archaeology

Mr Jose Oscar  Encuentra Bardina's photo

Jose Oscar changed his professional career in 2010. After 10 years teaching History in secondary schools in Spain, He decided to fulfil one of his dreams: becoming an Underwater Archaeologist.

Life is a continuous challenge and only those who dare, win: “Audentes fortuna iuvat”.

In 2011 he enrolled the D.U. Archéologie Sous-Marine at University of Nîmes, France, and in 2012, he was already involved in several underwater archaeology projects in France, Spain and Bolivia: Port-Vendres, Narbonne-Mandirac, Nice-Baie des Anges, Arles-Rhône, Bajo de la Campana, Deltebre and Huiñaimarca-Lago Titicaca.

After finishing his Master in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton in 2013, Jose Oscar joined the Maritime Archaeology Trust (UK) as Education & Outreach Officer.

In 2016, Jose Oscar joined as a Research Associate the University 'Libre de Bruxelles' where he was involved in the Lake Titicaca Project in Bolivia. Apart from excavating underwater at 3815 m of altitude, he was the director of the underwater archaeology field school for Bolivian archaeologists. Returned from Bolivia in 2017, he joined, as co-director, the 'Cap Gros' Project; the excavation of a 1st c. AD shipwreck near Port-Vendres, France, with a cargo of Pascual 1 amphorae.

Finally, in 2018, Jose Oscar decided that the time had arrived to change, provisionally, the airlifts for the books and starting his Postgraduate Research studies at the Centre for Maritime Archaeology. His research focus in assessing how shipwreck evidence can help us to better understand the maritime trade connections of Narbo Martius, current Narbonne, during the late Republic and the early Roman Empire (1st c. BC to early 3rd. c. AD) and its role as a central place for the import, export and redistribution of goods.

Jose Oscar currently combine his Postgraduate Research studies at the University of Southampton with his tasks as Project Manager and underwater archaeologist with ARESMAR, France. He is also visiting lecturer for the Underwater Cultural Heritage Programme at University 'Externado de Colombia' in Bogota.

Research interests

Research topic: The contribution of shipwreck evidence to our understanding of the maritime trade connections of Narbo Martius (1st c. BC to early 3rd. c. AD).

Supervisors: Simon Keay & Julian Whitewright.

Mr Jose Oscar Encuentra Bardina
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom

Room Number NNN: 65A/2241

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