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ArchaeologyPart of Humanities


List of all research projects in Archaeology
ProjectResearch Group
A Joint Effort: Understanding Kneecaps Past and PresentOsteoarchaeology,
Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins
ACROSS: Origins of Seafaring to SahulCentre for the Archaeology of Human Origins,
Centre for Maritime Archaeology
Age and gender in the roman empireClassical and historical archaeology
BHAP (Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeology Project)
Biological identity in ancient EgyptOsteoarchaeology,
Classical and historical archaeology
Bova Marina Maritime ProjectCentre for Maritime Archaeology
CAHO in South Africa. Archaeological investigations in the Vaal River Valley, South AfricaCentre for the Archaeology of Human Origins
Creativity and craft production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe Theory, representation and cultural politics
Crossing the Threshold: the evolution of place and landscape in earliest prehistory (Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council) 2013-2016Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins
Dating the origins and development of Palaeolithic cave painting in Europe by U-series disequilibriumCentre for Applied Archaeological Analyses,
Centre for Archaeology of Human Origins Contracting,
Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins
Food storage in Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer societies
From Lucy to Language: the archaeology of the social brain (Funded by the British Academy Centenary Project) 2004-2011Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins
Identity and the life course in Islamic ÉcijaOsteoarchaeology,
Centre for Applied Archaeological Analyses,
Classical and historical archaeology
Insula dell’Ara Coeli and the western slopes of the CapitolineClassical and historical archaeology
Isotope analysis of well dated cattle and red deer bones from Swiss Neolithic lakeshore settlements as indicator for herd management, dairying, environment and human impact
Kostoperska Karpa Regional Archaeological ProjectArchaeological Prospection Service of Southampton (APSS),
Classical and historical archaeology
Late Bronze Age Warrior stelae project
Living with Monuments: life and cultural landscape between the 4th and 2nd millennia BC in the Avebury region, Wiltshire
Lower Palaeolithic Lesvos
Mauritian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Project
Medway Valley Palaeolithic projectCentre for Archaeology of Human Origins Contracting
Minaret of Jam archaeological project - DormantClassical and historical archaeology
Mons Porphyrites - DormantClassical and historical archaeology
Neanderthals on the M25 projectCentre for Archaeology of Human Origins Contracting
NEVIS heritage projectArchaeological Prospection Service of Southampton (APSS),
Classical and historical archaeology,
Social prehistory
Old Sarum and Stratford-Sub-Castle
Parnassus Project
Portus ProjectClassical and historical archaeology,
Archaeological Computing,
Centre for Maritime Archaeology
Rome’s Mediterranean Ports (RoMP) or PortuslimenClassical and historical archaeology,
Centre for Maritime Archaeology,
Archaeological Computing
Seasonality, mobility and storage in Palaeolithic hunting societies (Funded by the Leverhulme Trust) 2014-2017Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins
Stone in archaeology: towards a digital resource - DormantArchaeological Computing,
Centre for Applied Archaeological Analyses
Stones of Stonehenge
Stour Basin Palaeolithic Project
Submerged Neolithic of the Western Isles
Százhalombatta Excavation Project
The Ebbsfleet Elephant
The History, Archaeology and New Genetics of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (EUROTAST)
The Montenegrin Maritime Archaeological Research ProjectCentre for Maritime Archaeology
The Oued Loukkos SurveyCentre for Maritime Archaeology
The relic palaeo-landscapes of the Thames EstuaryCentre for Maritime Archaeology
The survey of Tell Tinnis, Manzala, EgyptCentre for Maritime Archaeology,
Classical and historical archaeology
Tidgrove Warren archaeological project
Çatalhöyük visualisation projectArchaeological Computing,
Theory, representation and cultural politics
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